It’s a Young Adult movement started at Rock Urban with ROCK YOUth and our YA MIN (Young Adult Ministry)!

There are so many people searching. As a student or young adult, there is a lot of opportunity, for success or destruction. Everyone knows what a destructive habit is. It’s not good. It disrupts your potential. It’s not the opportunity you want knocking on your door. We also know what success is. It’s making it. Doing something worthwhile. Will you this coming new year?

Our missionEngage Young People to Engage God and Make Right Choices. Engage Young People = causing someone to get involved in something, students to young adults. Engage God = morally committed to a particular aim or cause. Right choices = Not wrong or destructive. 

Our aim – To get to know others / To get people to think biblically for themselves / To help them stay the course by plugging them in to the local church.

When does it happen?

MONTHLY vision – One night a month is Worship Night. Meeting at Rock Urban (www.rockurban.org) in Grandville.

WEEKLY – Every Friday night – 8 pm.

DAILY – You carrying the movement.

What’s KINISI mean? 

It means ‘movement’. Kind of like kinetic energy. It all comes from the same Greek word. Get involved by following this page. Stay tuned all year long. For more information connect at z.rasmusson@gmail.com or on Instagram search ‘Campus Kinisi.’ (view ‘contact’ page above).