What do you do when there is nothing to do?

It turns out that Friday nights still ROCK !

As a general rule in life, people live for the weekend. But what is it that you look forward too? No school? No work? Sometimes both of those things get in the way of the weekend too!

Well, there is something you can do.

ROCK URBAN’S BUILDING R – open 8P Friday nights beginning 2021!

$1 Shakes. $1 Pizza. Games. Friends. Music. Study. Open Gym.

It’s really whatever you make to be. Optional: music training and performance, prayer and counseling help.

For all young adults. Come with intentionality: mentor someone else / minister to someone else / learn something new / form book club / start a band / the sky is not even the limit!

NOTE: this is not a youth event or a babysitting service. Join us, yes, but join us with a purpose! Because you have a purpose. Come find it!


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