Grandville. Wyoming. Hudsonville. Jenison.   =Jerusalem. 


Years back I was challenged by a God-given principle that is yet again written on another sticky note placed on my desk; “What can I do for someone other than me?” 

It’s an important question. If everyone lived asking themselves this question, we would live in an entirely new world.

It’s also biblical. Reaching first our own town (Jerusalem).

CAMPUS KINISI is about morals = right and wrong. Whether you want to believe the Bible or not is totally up to you… but certainly you know it’s right to respect others, care for them, and make impact on the people around you in a positive way!

KINISI NIGHT – is a worship and bible-based night where teens can gather together to grow, be challenged, and bring friends that need hope. We offer hope!

Join the discussion. COMING TO YOUR CAMPUS SOON with candy and cool stuff to talk about!

Follow us on Instagram too: Campus.Kinisi



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